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Brass Monkey

Tic Tac Pro

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Advanced tic-tac-toe is a thing. Well, it is now anyway. Not only is this classic-inspired game by Brass Monkey worthy of a coffee table–it's actually worthy of being played. Instead of every match simply ending in a draw, our version is surprisingly strategic (& fun). The goal is simple–be the first player to use their pieces to complete a line of three like-sized circles–or form a single colored 'bullseye' as a sneaky fourth way to win.
It's easier said than done...and honestly, it wasn't even that easy to say.
  • Includes 18 painted wood game pieces (9 red & 9 blue).
  • Features a stair-stepped gameboard that makes the game as beautiful as it is fun to play.
  • The gameboard (and pieces) are constructed out of a durable, heavyweight MDF.
  • The outer box measures 9.4" square by 2" deep–that's 238mm by 50mm if you're fancy.
  • Comes with game instructions…because it would be kind of mean if it didn't.
  • Suitable for two players. So take turns.